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The employees are a significant success factor in our development. The company management is committed to a working atmosphere in which all employees are treated with the necessary respect and social responsibility is demanded. On the other hand, reliability , integrity and responsible action are expected of the company's employees.

Animal Welfare

Particular attention is paid to animal health and welfare . The company is committed to the ethical treatment of animals and expects the same from its partners. A careful, stress-free handling of the animals is a prerequisite for the production of perfect quality products .


Compliance with all processing and recording guidelines is particularly important to us. This is the only way to keep the quality of the products and consumer confidence high. Our operations are IFS and EFSIS certified. In addition, the company has various other  seals of approval .


A healthy environment is a prerequisite for the production of healthy, high-quality food. The company is therefore committed to constantly improving the environmental impact of its activities. Production in Kirschschlag has already been converted to sustainable forms of energy (eco-electricity and district heating from wood chips of regional origin). In Ruprechtshofen, production is also based on eco-electricity. In 2022, a photovoltaic system was also put into operation. This means that only a small step is still missing here towards climate-neutral production.

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